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Issue 11

So it seems traveling and trying to put out a weekly newsletter don't really mix! However I'm back after 5 weeks away and hopefully we can resume normal service. If you have any feedback or ideas on how to make this newsletter better and more useful please just reply to this email. Encouragement to make sure it goes out each week would be appreciated as well :-)

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Silverlight, MVVM and SharePoint
Andrew Connell has a great series of posts on how he does builds Silverlight and SharePoint apps using the MVVM pattern

SharePoint Global Navigation Sometimes Ignores Target Audience Settings
If you ever come across this problem, Eric's post should save you a lot of time

Visual Best Bets with SharePoint Server using jQuery (not FAST)
This weeks good example of the power of jQuery

Search Goverance in SharePoint 2010
Michal Pisarek's thoughts on what should a Search governance plan consist of and do?

Top 10 SQL 2012 'Denali' Enhancements for SharePoint
Joel goes over a few of the enhancements coming in SQL 2012 that we should pay attention to

Ratings and SharePoint Search - better together
Wes Hackett explains how to get ratings for SharePoint content working, and then get the ratings displayed in Search results

Redirection options in SharePoint
Todd Klindt details some of the options for redirecting users in SharePoint

Using jQuery daterangepicker with SharePoint lists
A bit more jQuery magic for this week...

SharePoint 2010 - general guidelines for driving user adoption
Lots of ideas on how to get your users into SharePoint - some seem obvious, but we all need reminding