SharePoint Weekly

Issue 12

Welcome to Issue 12 of SharePoint Weekly. After putting out 12 issues of this newsletter, it looks like a bi-weekly schedule is going to be best - I'm not going to be renaming the newsletter though :)

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SharePoint First Steps for Administrators and Developers
Tom Resing has some advice and downloadable books for those just getting started in SharePoint Admin or Dev

Five thing I learned from losing my SharePoint Farm
Everybodies worst nightmare, 5 lessons from Paul who had it happen to him!

Setting item permissions for new items
Often asked in support forums - keep this code sample bookmarked

Leveraging Windows Azure WCF Services to Connect BCS with SharePoint Online
Steve Fox has a walk through on how to integrate a WCF service hosted in Azure with SharePoint Online through BCS

SharePoint Online and External Data using JSONP
...and Wictor has an example of how to do it without going through the BCS

SharePoint Variations – The complete Guide – Part 1 – The Basics
Exactly as the title says, part 1 - 4 are linked to from this first article

Slipstreaming Patches in SharePoint 2010
Todd has a great guide on slipstreaming patches into a new SharePoint 2010 installation

Optimizing the process of deploying SharePoint Packages to minimize the impact on farm’s availability
How to minimize the effect of deploying SharePoint packages to your farm

Deploying WSPs as part of an automated build
The fifth article from this series by Chris O'Brien